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The Filmmakers

Seth Melnick

Seth Melnick

Producer, Director of Photography

Seth Melnick is a credited actor, an accomplished Director of Photography and a business-oriented producer. Originally a technical consultant he managed projects with budgets of several million dollars and dozens of people such as and the first Internet ISP in Brazil, After a life-changing experience traveling New Zealand and Australia risking life and limb in every adventure activity he could find, Seth decided to enter the arts. His jumping off point was acting where he trained in the Meisner Technique at the Ward Studio. His career has progressed steadily and he has starred in various independent films produced in New York. He has also appeared on the History Channel as well as stage productions.

Seth co-created SLM Production Group LLC with Lauzanne Nel as a venue to produce original and provocative works. As a production company they have produced several short-format films and a trailer. They are equipped to bring project from concept through preproduction, principle photography, editing, and other post-production to a completed product. SLM Production combines the best of creative, technical, and managerial skills to bring projects to fruition. His other projects have been sidelined to make room for American Standard. When this project is complete he will get back to writing and producing a play and film on the topic of addiction, writing and producing a science-fiction screenplay and completing the series of short films.

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