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February 06, 2007

Potty Cam


American Standard is featured in a short behind-the-scenes article in the Movies section of this week's New York Magazine, where we describe the challenges of shooting in the potty.

"Production Notes: Toilet Cam" by Andrew Adam Newman, New York Magazine, February 12, 2007

Hayley Thompson-King

October 20, 2006

American Standard on the Radio!

This week, American Standard is featured on Kurt Andersen's public-radio program "Studio 360." Journalist Andrew Adam Newman spent a few days on set for a behind-the-scenes chat with the cast and crew.

"Studio 360" airs in New York on WNYC Saturday at 10 a.m. on 93.9 FM, and Sunday at 7 p.m. on 820 AM (or check your local listings).

Or, you can click here to stream an MP3 of American Standard on "Studio 360."

Studio 360

July 06, 2006

Post-Production and Beyond

Principal photography wrapped over a month ago, but In The Can never sleeps. The editing process is now underway, and we are filming some pickups and B-roll footage all summer long.

Which means our bathroom search continues! If you have or know of an apartment, office, bar, restaurant, store, or other location with a film-friendly bathroom of any size, shape, or color--especially color--please do send send them our way. We promise not to leave the seat up.

May 30, 2006

That's a Wrap!

After two months in over two dozen bathrooms, principal photography has wrapped. But we're not done yet -- as we begin the editing process, we've still got scads of pickup shots and a reshoot ahead of us, that will keep us busy all summer long.

April 06, 2006

First Day of Filming

First Camera Assistant Andrew Aiello

Taylor Treadwell as "Rachel 'Boom Boom' Blumenthal"

Derek Roché as "Bo Steinberg"

March 31, 2006


(Quicktime file, 21 MB.)


March 06, 2006

Music Video for Rosey

This weekend, the In The Can crew took a brief break from moviemakin' to shoot a music video for Rosey, the jazz/blues singer. The shoot went splendidly. Rosey was a pleasure to work with, and has a classy, elegant sound; a songstress from a bygone era. And the band (Bob, Tom, John, Mark) were a ton of fun. Most of the time spent on a film set is just standing around while the cinematographer futzes with the lighting, and since the bandmembers had to stay in their places (at their instruments) between every take we were treated to a jam session.

Here's a photo of the production monitor, to get a glimpse of what the video for Rosey's single "Again & Again" will look like. (Some of that old-timey feeling.) We'll post a clip very soon.

Great big heaps of thanks to Audrey Brand for putting together the whole shebang, and doing a truly fantastic job every step of the way. Please visit Rosey at, and listen to the single, "Again & Again" (and much more), at her MySpace page:

Seth, Rosey, Josh, & Jason

January 09, 2006


On MySpace? Now so is American Standard:

November 01, 2005

Cast Photo Shoot


September 28, 2005

Concept Artwork: Cast Poster

September 27, 2005

Meet the Cast

From over 3500 head shots and résumés, we selected 400 actors to audition, of which 75 were called back, and as of last weekend, our cast of 21 is cemented--21 extraordinarily talented stars in the making. Sunday we held our first cast meeting, followed by celebratory drinks at the Ginger Man. Everyone had a blast, and the energy level is sky-high.

Photos of our cast meeting are right here.

And we've put together some concept artwork showing off our cast, which you can check out here.

Our next big event is the table read, scheduled for October 29th, after which our rehearsals begin, with shooting intended to commence in January.

June 28, 2005

Casting Call Released

The casting call was released today, in Backstage magazine; other forums to follow.


SLM Production Group, LLC is casting for a full-length feature film in the style of Swingers, Singles, 200 Cigarettes, and Clerks. Financing is still being put in place and principal photography will likely commence in November in NYC. It is a bawdy tale of 20-somethings and how they cheat, steal, and push each other through a day in NYC, all to end up at the biggest party of the year. Seth Melnick, prod.; Josh Abraham, dir.

Seeking experienced actors only and will look at both union and nonunion performers. Seeking true-to-life New Yorker types- White-collar, Blue-collar and Downtown-trendy males and females, all races, 20-35; Creepy CEOs, male, 40-50; Funky-looking Female: 20-22, piercings, tattoos; Hippie Female: 25-30; Asian Female, 25-30; and Goofily Dancing, Oddball Male, 25-35. Visit website for more on the project and breakdowns. Some roles require brief partial nudity.

Send pix & résumés to SLM Production Group, LLC, c/o Seth Melnick, 340 E. 93 St., #3G, NYC 10128. All actors will be paid in the form of a stipend, union rates, or profit sharing points, depending on the size of the role. Videocopy, credit, meals, and transportation provided. Producer plans to apply for SAG Ultra Low Budget Film Agreement. (First posted 6/30/05)

Character breakdowns can be found here.

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