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D.P. Journal

07. 7.2006 | ND Issues Abound

Jumping a bit forward into one of the major productions snags we hit. The HVX has a sweet spot to maintain maximum resolution. The resolution begins to degrade above 5.6 or so (maybe a little higher). I do not fully... more

07. 6.2006 | All Digital Workflow

We made the decision very early in preproduction to utilize an all digitial end to end workflow. The technology is in place to support this but it is bleeding edge so we really needed to create the specific steps we... more

06.12.2006 | Choice of Equipment

Low budgets - they make you make choices and they make you think carefully about the mix of equipment necessary for a shoot. This, of course was the situation we were in (as most productions are). We knew that we... more

06. 8.2006 | Film Out Test

To really be comfortable with our choice of technologies and camera we needed to put it to a real test. We needed to test different combinations of camera settings and different types of shots. Then by transfering the test to... more

06. 7.2006 | Choice of Formats

One of the first choices I needed to make for this production was which format we would be shooting on. It is really a fantastic time to be a DP on a low budget production as there is so many... more

06. 6.2006 | Recount of a High Tech Low Budget Shoot

And here it begins. American Standard is a truly independent film and as such we has many restrictions to work within. But we also had the freedom to shoot the film as we wanted to. In this Journal I want... more

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