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Behind the Scenes

En El BaƱo

Derek Roche and Guy Olivieri

Taylor Treadwell (“Rachel”), Alison Wright (“Janine”), and Irene Longshore (“Mia”)

Cinematographer Seth Melnick

Makeup artist Lauzanne Nel

The Miercoladies!

Too many Treadwells! Taylor and her sister Tracey.

Script supervisor Erin Casteel Producer Jason Kucharsky; Sound Mixer Nahja Noon.

Ashley Williams (“Shoshana”) lulled to sleep by Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.

Production Designer Sergeo Levitas and Production Assistant Rebecca Monroe; Shoshana and Production Assistant Nick Vergara.

Wardrobe Designer Tom Smith and Locations Manager Amber Doe.

The intimate details of Providence, a swanky joint whose natural production values we completely devalued in an effort to make it look cheap and schlocky.

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