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The Filmmakers

Thomas W. Smith


Costume Designer

Thomas Graduated from New York University in 2005. Where he had costume designed for GSP Players and worked in the Steinhardt School of Educations MPAP Costume shop. While at MPAP he costume designed the debut performance of the economic treatise inspired and truly unique musical, Thorstien Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class. Since graduating Thomas has been on an adventure in the glamorous world of independent film. While working as a wardrobe supervisor on the films Haber and Stanley Cuba he discovered the wonders of trench warfare, latex sheen, and merkins. As the costume designer on Night Falls Fast Thomas not only created the outfits for a gay whore and a cancer victim, but learned how to quickly fill a meth pipe. He would like to thank everybody involved with American Standard for making the project such joy to be a part of. Thomas would also like to give a special thanks to the makers of the crotch pasty. You’ve got to love crotch pasties.

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